Nook Color Child Safety-How To Make The Nook Color Safe For Your Family

Let’s begin to establish a peace of mind for your family and children, online.

I have heard that many parents struggle trying to protect their children on line, especially on the Nook Color.

The good news is that it’s extremely inexpensive way to protect them, it will work 100% of the time, is safe, and allows you to get the best “bang for your buck”.

The first step is to Dual Boot your Nook. This will make it more like an Android for free! Not only is it safe (I have done this whole procedure three times, with no problems whatsoever), it will allow a user to have much more technological capability. You will be able to download apps on the App Store and so forth….

This cannot damage your Nook Color. It is merely running the original software it was intended to run, before B&N changed it. Finally, it DOES NOT RID YOU OF YOUR WARRANTY!

So here we go:


Make sure you have at least a 1 Gigabyte and up MICRO SD CARD, available at Best Buy, Walmart, or online Here (4 GB link).

This is the only thing you will need to purchase

After purchase, boot up your Nook Color with SD Card in the Nook. Plug your Nook into the Computer.


If you have a SD reader, plug it in into the computer with your SD card now.



For the CyanogenMod type, I would recommend using the stable CyanogenMod 7.2 software (google it and make sure the link is from CyanogenMod.)

Keep in mind that when you are putting the folders in the SD card such as,you would replace it with Do this with every folder! 

Now, go  Here and follow all the directions. Don’t miss any step.


Again, make sure when downloading the google play store, rename the folder with an (update-) in front (with the slash; it isn’t a ty-po) Make sure you also download the Google Play Store, which is also defined in The Dusty Blog Here.


Open up the App Store on the Android Nook and allow it to load. It might take a minute or two, since it is its first run.


Go to the top right and click on the little magnifying glass (search bar)


Please type in K9 Web protection


Go to Browser and type in . If you go with the browser step, click on Android/Free Download and it should automatically redirect you to the App Store.


Install the K9 Web Browser


Enter a password your child will never guess, including numbers, lower and capital case letters, and symbols. Don’t use a password that you have used before.


Download all the apps and games you need (e.g. Temple Run and X-Plane 9). If you need Youtube, I suggest downloading the Youtube App, since K-9 blocks Youtube! on the browser.

STEP 10:

Drag your finger from the bottom of the Nook Screen to the top. You should see a gray “curtain” come up and at the bottom. It will read, “K-9 Settings”. Click on that and enter your password.

STEP 10:

Browse through the K-9 Settings.

Make sure you

~Disable App Store (you can later enable this, for temporary download, but with this feature unlocked this whole blog is pointless)

~Redirect all browsers through K-9 [CHECKED]

~Disable user to uninstall K-9.Click on the App Helper (somewhere in the K-9 Settings) Click on Package installer, and install it. This disables the option to uninstall the security placed there by you, by others, without the passcode.

~Exit K-9


Test to see if everything worked. Try opening App Store. If it prompts a password that is GOOD! Try going to K-9 Browser and go to and click on images. If it blocks it, that is GOOD! If not, repeat step 10.

STEP 10.5:

These final steps BELOW are to insure that your child doesn’t take out the SD card, boot up the Nook Color, and start doing things under the B&N Browser.

STEP 11:

Hold down the power button, until the Nook Color turns off. Take out the SD Card and turn the Nook Color on.

Once the Nook is on, open it up, go to Settings, Security, and Passcode. Enter a 4 digit passcode you have never used.

STEP 12:

The final step! Press the power button for 1 second and press the U button (at the bottom), or Power Button again. Does it prompt you with a passcode? If yes, you are DONE! If not, try step 11 again.

Congratulations! You have successfully made your Nook Color safe and secure for your child. I suggest periodically changing your passwords every month.

Please make sure to comment or like this below with anything you would like to mention….

Best Regards,



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